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The Health Facilities Division, inspects, licenses and/or certifies more than 4,000 providers and suppliers of health, habilitation, and adult services in the State of Iowa. To obtain more information about a particular entity, such as a skilled nursing facility, you may use the Entity Search feature on this web page. To assist in the identification of entity type, check the alphabetical listing of abbreviations found on the "Glossary" web page.

To obtain information about an entity, simply enter the name and location of the entity and click "search." Note: If you want to narrow your search, you can set additional search criteria, such as the entity type, county in which it is located, entity identification number, etc. For a broader search, simply enter the entity's name (or part of the entity's name) of type of entity, and click "search." There is also a county only search, choose the desired county and hit the "search" button to display results. Once the search results are displayed, you can view detailed entity information by clicking the "view" button. You may experience an onscreen message that says you need to refresh the screen, if you do, please click on the refresh button and you will be directed to the next screen.

Entities encompass all types of facilities and programs licensed and certified by DIA.
								Type in the name of the entity you are searching for in the name box.

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